Betaine Anhydrous for Oral Solution 180 grams

Betaine Anhydrous:
An FDA-approved generic bioequivalent and therapeutically equivalent1 to Cystadane® (betaine anhydrous for oral solution) 180 grams

Lower-priced*, therapeutically equivalent alternative

*Based on published wholesale acquisition cost as of March 2023. Not including sales incentives or similar price reductions.

Enrolled patients will have access to a full suite of support services

Terms and conditions, and eligibility criteria apply.

Betaine Anhydrous for Oral Solution is available through Optime Care

Betaine Anhydrous for Oral Solution is available through Optime Care. All prescriptions need to be sent directly to Optime Care.

Complete the Betaine Patient Referral Form, including prescription details and important information for the benefits investigation process.


Select Optime Care for pharmacy to initiate e-script in the EMR system


Complete the Betaine Patient Referral Form and fax it to 1-866-318-2990

Optime Care will follow up with a call to your office if additional patient information is required for the benefits investigation process.

Eton Cares: Personalized support puts your patients first

Eton Pharmaceuticals is committed to increasing the availability of treatments for patients through the Eton Cares Program. Eton Cares is a patient support program designed to make it easier for your patients to access and stay on treatment.

Once you prescribe Betaine Anhydrous for Oral Solution, your patients are automatically enrolled* in the program and can benefit from all Eton Cares has to offer.

Insurance coverage and access support

Insurance specialists support your patient and office by:

  • Verifying and obtaining insurance coverage
  • Helping patients understand their insurance plan benefits
  • Assisting with prior authorizations

Copay and financial assistance*

Eton Cares can help eligible, commercially insured patients get their medication for as little as $0 per month.

Patients who lack insurance and meet certain financial requirements may be eligible for additional financial support from a Patient Assistance Program.

For patients who are not eligible for copay support or who need additional financial assistance, Eton Cares can help make connections to alternative forms of medication coverage or provide referrals to other possible sources of funding.

*Restrictions, limitations, and/or eligibility requirements apply.

Betaine Anhydrous for Oral Solution treatment should be directed by physicians knowledgeable in the management of patients with homocystinuria.

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